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Circuitos Académicos

At Logos Academy, we have transformed our classrooms into especially designed learning environments for each subject, thus strategically integrating the core academic areas.

  • Science Room: the program enhances exploration and curiosity of young children, motivating their natural eagerness for observing, sorting, seeking evidence, testing predictions, asking questions and solving problems.  In the classroom, students work in teams with experiments that develop their scientific reasoning skills.
  • Math Room: our program seeks to teach children early math skills by making math a real issue and a part of their daily life. They learn about arithmetical concepts, measurement elements, quantity and number sense, geometry, comparisons, space and location notion.
  • Art & Drama Room: these classes nurture analytical and creative learning.  The program focuses on the children´s ability to express themselves through the language of art, with confidence.  They are challenged to explore and communicate their feelings, thoughts and ideas by acting out their favorite parts of a story or real life situations.
  • Language Room: Children easily learn English by listening to stories where they become engaged in meaningful activities that makes comprehension clear.  They connect the stories to their real life experiences and put oral language and vocabulary into use for the child’s to produce chunks of language to communicate in English.